Ugley Village Fibre Broadband Update (October ’19)

Dear Resident

As we know our Fibre to the Property (FTTP) is due to be installed by BT Openreach by the middle of January 2020 and some of you may have noticed that by the telegraph poles there is now some blue nylon draw cable protruding. Therefore in advance of our installation there is one crucial item you need to check plus I have been in contact with BT to ask a few questions.
Firstly does your current telephone cable run above ground from a telegraph pole directly to the outside of your house, if the answer to this is yes then you are okay. However if like myself there is a buried cable from the telegraph pole to the house you will need to install some ducting.  This can be obtained directly from BT at no charge however you will have to bury the ducting in the ground yourself. Work out how much you require plus any bends and draw rope then contact  and ensure you quote Order (VK6955976) Ugley Green Fibre. 
The questions I asked Mark were as follows and his answers are shown in red:-
  • Drilling holes in the wall to thread the fibre cable through is this BT’s responsibility?  Usually yes, unless it is possible to bring the cable in via the original route.
  • Will the fibre Cable go into the back of the existing internal domestic BT terminal boxes or will you be supplying and fitting new ones?  A new one will be supplied by the installation engineer at an agreed time with you and your communications provider.
  • Because of the increased speed and or type of connection will we require new routers, which in my case and probably a number of others have been supplied by BT?  Your Communications provider will decide what you need and if needed, this is usually sent to you prior to the install appointment.
  • Have you got any firm date when the above will occur? This is agreed with you by your Communications provider.
When we build a solution for fibre to the premise, we will build the network to a connectorised terminal block, that will be placed at a central location (i.e. on a telegraph pole or underground jointing chamber). This is all connected and tested ready for new orders. Once ready it will be released for new orders. At that point will the below be completed. This is all completed as part of the new order and provision of the fibre broadband. As it is not possible to gain access during the build of the network, the final connection to each house is done at the appointment for the new service.
If you have any questions I would be more than happy to try and answer them, however Mark at BT would be my point of contact.
Matthew Robinson
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