UGLEY VILLAGE HALL SPECIFICATIONAll measurements are approximate.
The hall accepts no liability for bouncy castles.
Main Hall
> ceiling height 10' (3.05m)
- allow 30cm (1') for lighting bar and striplights when using bouncy castles
> length
20' (6.1m)
> width40' (12.2m)
stage detailsThe stage is 3.3 M deep and at its narrowest point only 3.88M wide, there is a double 13A socket in the back right hand corner
The hall will accommodate 85 people sitting down; 129 people dancing/buffet (allowed by fire regs). The hall is licensed for music and dancing but a license for alcohol must be obtained by the hirer if there is to be a charge for alcohol.
Patricia Lawrence Room
> ceiling height 8' 4" (2.54m) - allow 30 cm (1') for striplights when using bouncy castles
> length
19' (5.8m)
> width18' (5.5m)
Tables Quantity
4' x 3' 9
6' x 2'3"4
6' x 2'6" 8
3' x 2'3" 3
4' x 2' 1(In addition; some small card tables + low tables)
KitchenElectric cooker with gas hob, microwave, larder, refrigerator, 2 x electric kettles.
Crockery approximately 80 cups, saucers, plates and bowls, assorted dinner and serving plates, jugs, bread knife, kitchen knives, chopping board, thermos jug, teapots, trays, assorted metal and plastic cutlery (small quantity).
NOTE. Hirers to bring their own first aid kit